We are getting closer to stopping the tunnels…

Dear friends, 

Restore the Delta is a rare combination of good outreach and solid policy work. This week, we are featured in several media and have filed a lawsuit against state and federal agencies for drought mismanagement of the Delta. Below is just a few of our most recent work. 

People have asked how to help–for this campaign, it's educate, protest and litigate (a last resort when education and protest does not work). 

We need an extra boost to handle new litigation and media. Can you go to this button below and commit to a monthly donation? If all our supporters committed to $10 a month (two Starbucks drinks!), we would have the resources needed to topple the Big Special Interests. If you cannot make a monthly donation, please consider making a one-time donation.  Every new member of our monthly givings club will receive a surprise complimentary and unique gift from us.

Thank you for your ongoing attention and dedication. 

Yours in Service,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director 

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