Op-Ed: Delta Tunnels Will Strangle San Joaquin County

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Guest view: Twin Tunnels would strangle SJ County

Governor's plan must be fought and stopped
By Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla and Mike Machado
Posted Jun. 3, 2015 at 5:15 PM


"… Forty percent of the Delta is in San Joaquin County. We have a lot to lose if the proposed tunnels, and over pumping of the Delta, are allowed to continue. The Delta supports a $5.2 billion annual agricultural industry, and 40 percent of those farms are in San Joaquin County. They are diversified family farms that date back six generations and embrace sustainable farming practices. The majority of these farms are the state’s cleanest zero-discharge farms."
"…The Delta tunnels will make our Stockton Delta water intake project inoperable because our water supply will become too salty. Our municipal utilities (Stockton, Lodi, Tracy) won’t be able to discharge wastewater without violating federal water laws. Residents will be paying for these new problems through higher water bills.

The Delta tunnels will negatively impact Stockton’s vision for downtown redevelopment. Can you imagine a beautiful, newly developed city center surrounded by solid sheets of hyacinth and polluted, stagnant, smelly water? Not to mention mosquitoes galore."

>“…The Delta can be the source of economic revival for San Joaquin County and Stockton. The Delta is a unique resource for recreation, including fishing, swimming, wine tasting, wind surfing, hiking, boating, camping and bird watching. The Delta’s status as the “switchyard” of California water makes San Joaquin County and Stockton the ideal location to start an economy based on developing, creating and manufacturing water efficiency technology. We need to fight for the Delta to secure our future.”

Read our op-ed at The Record.

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