In Memoriam

The Delta has just lost two people who valued it and worked to help others appreciate it’s importance.

Filmmaker Bruce Tokars reached millions of Californians with his videos for Salmon Water Now.   Bruce was relentless in his efforts to show how the greed and corruption of a wealthy few are damaging the Delta, Estuary, and Bay on which salmon rely.  You can see some of Bruce’s very recent work for the Southern California Watershed Alliance’s Delta Tunnels Boondoggle campaign here.  We lost him too soon and will miss him.

Also lost to us too soon was Michael Pieretti, whose stunning photographs of the Delta captured a region that most Californians never see.  A lifelong Sacramento River Delta resident, Mike once wrote, “I integrate my love for the Delta with my passion as an artist and scenic photographer.”  He felt that his life experiences and spiritual perspective helped him convey “the beauty and tranquility I see and feel in the Delta . . . .”  You can see Mike’s work at his website.

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