In case you missed today’s KQED Forum segment on the Delta Plan

In case you missed today’s KQED Forum segment…

Controversy Over Newest Delta Plan Proposal


This week, Governor Jerry Brown’s office released further details of its plan to build twin tunnels to pump water from Northern California to cities and farms in other parts of the state. Brown says the $23 billion plan will help restore ecosystems, but critics say the proposal would further threaten the Delta’s endangered fish and hurt smaller farmers. We talk about the latest plan and its potential impact on the region

Host: Dave Iverson


  • Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of Restore the Delta
  • Barry Nelson, senior policy analyst on water issues at the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Karla Nemeth, project director of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan at the California Natural Resources Agency
  • Lauren Sommer, KQED science and environment reporter

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