New Appraisal Notifications

On October 19, DWR began sending new appraisal notification letters to Delta landowners.  These letters inform landowners that DWR “will soon be completing an appraisal” of each listed property and that the appraisals are being completed “in conjunction with the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.”  Each letter requests the landowner’s permission for DWR appraisers to “inspect” the property with the landowner.  Delta landowners, as a rule, are not eager to assist DWR in its effort to undermine the health of the Delta as place to farm, live and raise future generations.  For this reason, the landowners with whom Tom Keeling has spoken have all declined the letters’ invitation to cooperate with DWR regarding these proposed appraisals.

We have been told that the new round of letters went out to the owners of approximately twenty-five Delta properties.  We have also been told that the purpose of the appraisals is to start the process by which DWR will condemn additional easements for drilling-related activities.  Presumably, the appraisals are intended to result in new offers, adoption of new resolutions of necessity by the California Water Commission, and new eminent domain proceedings.  Some or most of these new letters are being sent to landowners who are already involved in the pending eminent domain actions (see item 1 above).  We will keep you informed about this new development.  Click here to see copy of one of the new appraisal notifications, redacted to eliminate the landowner’s name and the identity of the parcel involved.

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