Landowner Victories in Four Counties

Here is the latest on landowners’ opposition to DWR’s motions for pre-judgment possession of the affected properties in DWR’s pending eminent domain actions.

Recall that the Superior Courts of Sacramento, San Joaquin and Contra Costa Counties have all ruled against DWR and in the landowners’ favor. Now attorney Tom Keeling reports that, as he had suggested it do, DWR has withdrawn its pending possession motion in Yolo County rather than proceed to a court ruling on the motion. In short, it’s now a clean sweep: the landowners have prevailed on their oppositions to DWR’s possession motions in all four counties.

This means that DWR will not be able to access these properties prior to the rainy season, as it insisted it needs to do.

DWR will prepare and serve amended complaints. How long it will take for DWR to serve the amended complaints and file new motions for pre-judgment possession is as yet unclear.

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