Delta Plan = BDCP

This week Joe Grindstaff, executive officer of the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC), announced the publication of the 6th draft of the Delta Plan, which recommends – SURPRISE! – new conveyance as the way to improve water quality in the Delta.

This rubber stamp for the BDCP is not what legislators had in mind when they created the DSC.

Restore the Delta Executive Director Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla notes, “Without a water quality analysis that examines how eliminating fresh water flows from entering the Delta will affect water quality, this draft of the Delta Plan is as incomplete as the last draft.  The Delta Stewardship Council must build its plan on a cost benefit analysis, a public trust analysis, a water quality analysis, and a flow analysis, and until it does so, its planning will remain incomplete.”

The DSC is meeting next Thursday, May 24, at the Ramada Inn & Suites, 1250 Halyard Drive, West Sacramento, and Restore the Delta is encouraging supporters to show up and comment.  The meeting is from 9 a.m. to 5:30, but there is a closed session in the morning, and it looks like the DSC may not get around to considering the 6th draft until noon.  Bear in mind, though, that Chair Isenberg doesn’t necessarily break for lunch at any predictable time.

Also on Thursday the 24th, at 5:30 p.m., the Delta Protection Commission (DPC) is meeting and will consider the 6th draft of the Delta Plan.  That meeting will be held at the Antioch Historical Society, 1500 West Fourth Street, Antioch.  If you can’t make it to West Sacramento during the day, you might want to attend the DPC meeting in the evening.

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