A plan to plumb the Mojave

Restore the Delta doesn’t like the idea of water, a public trust resource, being sold for private profit.  People behind a plan to pump groundwater from under the Mojave Desert and sell it to Southern California cities are arguing that the project would lessen reliance on water from Northern California.  Experience suggests it is more likely that any major new source of water would actually be used to support major new growth — especially when we consider that Delta water has been sold to groups in the Mojave area over the last few years for growth purposes.  Plus, how surface water gets moved, stored underground, and then resold profit is not always transparent to the public.

Click here to read about this latest group of water profiteers, who incidentally will be asking for public subsidies to price the supplies competitively (i.e. putting money in ratepayers’ pockets with one hand while taking it out of taxpayers’ pockets with the other).  

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