Dodging the hard questions

Last September, 225 environmental organizations signed a detailed critique of the Delta Plan, noting that the Fifth Draft showed little effort to consider the economic value of the public trust and the economic consequences of potential choices or alternatives. “The Council,” they said, “cannot evade having to make difficult decisions regarding the distribution of limited water resources. Sadly, the Fifth Draft of the Delta Plan embraces the status quo and fails to provide the structure and information critically necessary to make intelligent, but painful decisions.”

This month, dozens of other organizations, including Restore the Delta, responded to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) of the Delta Plan. Among the complaints: no measurable targets for improving flows for the benefit of either fish or Delta water quality; and no inclusion of an Economic Sustainability Plan for the region, as required by law.

Below are links to comments on the DEIR by a variety of organizations that are critical of it. (Actually, just about everybody on all sides of the issue is critical of the DEIR.)

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