Striped bass, then what next?

The Coalition for a Sustainable Delta (which is actually an agribusiness coalition for unsustainable levels of water exports) is urging the California Fish and Game Commission to approve proposed changed to striped bass fishing regulations at its meeting on February 2. They call non-native striped bass a “key stressor impacting endangered salmon and smelt populations in the Delta.”

The proposed regulations will

  • Decrease the size limit for striped bass to 12 inches
  • Increase the bag limit to 6 per day
  • Establish a “hot spot” for striped bass fishing at Clifton Court Forebay at which the daily bag limit will be 20 fish
  • Include adaptive management and ongoing research components to evaluate the effects of the proposed changes on both the populations of striped bass and listed species and to make informed adjustments to the regulations in the future.

Letters are due to the Commission by January 27, if you’d like to write and tell them that calling striped bass “key stressors” is a bunch of hooey.

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