Legislators dodge the hard question one more time

Assembly member Alyson Huber’s bill to require a fiscal analysis of Delta conveyance, a Legislative vote, and protection of existing Delta uses failed to make it out of committee last week by a narrow 6 to 5 vote. Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife chair Jared Huffman supported the bill and complained that the BDCP was reinterpreting key provisions of the 2009 water package.

According to attorney Osha Meserve, who represents a number of North Delta reclamation districts, “None of the opponents even argued against the need for an economic analysis of the BDCP.  Instead they argued that the complicated deal that was struck in 2009 would not hold together if the BDCP was reopened.”

In other words, “Don’t make us think about this again.”

Meserve says that the argument about costs does resonate with legislators. That’s what we need to keep emphasizing.

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