Delta Flows 7/8/22: Hispanic Chamber Joins Call for Delta Plan Update

A little good news to end a busy week.

We are thrilled to share that on July 7, 2022 the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce joined the call by California Tribes and Delta environmental justice groups for the State Water Board to finally update the Bay-Delta Plan. More than a decade overdue. Here’s the latest news on our petition.

From the Hispanic Chamber Letter
“Low flows and poor water quality have imperiled native fish species, created conditions that
enable harmful algal blooms to thrive, and made waters hazardous for residents who rely on
them for basic needs and wellness. Delta communities of color are particularly impacted by the
reduction in flows and the degraded state of Bay-Delta waterways. These impacts perpetuate a
legacy of dispossession and alienation of how California has managed its waterways throughout
“The Petition for Rulemaking is an opportunity for the State Water Board to fulfill its legal
duties to responsibly manage Bay-Delta waters and reverse the pattern of putting water
exporters before the needs of Delta communities and the health of our ecosystem. We
respectfully urge the State Water Board to reconsider this matter for public hearing and to
move forward with an open, participatory, and comprehensive review and update of the Bay-
Delta Plan sought in the Petition.”

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