COMMENTS LETTER Grasslands Bypass Project Drainage Management Plan

Hello everyone,

While RTD is still operating virtually, we like to keep you updated on our recent policy work.

On Monday, we submitted these comments  to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board regarding the Grasslands Bypass Project Drainage Management Plan

Here is a section of the letter:
“We continue to insist that serious consideration of alternatives to the status quo of simply protecting the beneficial uses of the important wildlife refuges along the San Joaquin River. Make no mistake: we value the wildlife refuges. But so far, beneficial uses of environmental justice communities in the same corridor are being ignored in the regulation of selenium discharge from the Grasslands area. An important set of alternatives to the status quo is planned land retirement within the Grasslands Drainage Area to curtail the primary source of irrigation drainage flows laden with selenium, boron, and molybdenum. We urge Region 5 staff and Board to examine land retirement as an alternative to continuing down the road of continued selenium-laden irrigation drainage discharges to the San Joaquin River.”

Read the entire set of comments:
Subject: Comments from the Stockton Coalition for Environmental Justice on Grassland Bypass Project Drainage Management Plan 2/1/202

The letter was submitted by a coalition of groups including: 
Restore the Delta, Nopal: Community Cultura Activism Educación, Little Manila, With Our Words, LGBT+ Social Justice Initiative, Substratum Systems, Third City Coalition

Stay Safe, See you soon!

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
Restore the Delta

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