Today is Giving Tuesday. Join us as we continue our work in 2021!

Dear Friends,

On this Giving Tuesday, we know that many fine organizations are asking for your contributions. During the Covid pandemic, there is great urgency for helping people with direct contributions to help families survive the current crisis.  We understand and support the work of many local organizations on the frontlines; our staff and board members are personally making contributions to direct aid organizations during the pandemic. Organizationally we support such groups with messaging and practical assistance where we can.

We also supported financially and through coordinated communications mask making efforts for the Delta during the first months of the pandemic when masks could not be found anywhere. The efforts of local volunteers, whom we supplied with cloth, elastic, and sewing supplies, resulted in the distribution of several thousand masks to nursing homes, senior citizens, childrens’ homes, and homeless shelters. We took the initiative regarding mask making and distribution out of a sense of care for all Delta residents – the same ideal that guides our daily work on water policies.

We humbly hope that during this period of tremendous giving and support for so many families at risk that you can make a small contribution to Restore the Delta so that we can continue to advocate for a healthy estuary for all. We have all learned during the pandemic the strong link between good public health and a productive economy. Restore the Delta recognizes how the link between public health and the economy extends to sound environmental health. This is why we aim to continue advocating, educating, and working to shape public policy discussions that will ultimately strengthen the health of the estuary, and its people. 

The team at Restore the Delta works with heart and intellect to advocate for the best policies for the restoration of the estuary and for the physical and economic protection of the region’s people. The pandemic cannot become the excuse for robbing the estuary of its water, building the Delta tunnel, or leaving vulnerable communities to flood. With attempts at a water grab during the lame duck session of Congress, continue pressure from water contractors for voluntary agreements to lessen Delta flows, and tunnel planning, 2021 will require sharp advocacy and representation for Delta communities.

We know the economy is tight for everyone; we also know how generous our supporters have been with us over the years. We hope that you can continue to support our work and advocacy for the future of the estuary. 

You can donate here, or mail a check along with this form to 509 E Main St, Stockton, CA 95202.

We hope you and your families are safe, well, and maintaining heart and humor during this most challenging year. We wish you peace, joy, and good health through the holiday and into 2021.

Yours in service,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla  
Executive Director

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