ICYMI 11/22/20: Delta Digging, MWD Voting, Your Delta – Your Voice

What’s that digging in the Delta? Pre-construction underway on Delta Conveyance Project – KCRA-TV Sacramento 11/19/20
The first world is comprised of farmers, making a living off the land. The other world is construction activity, with digging now underway in the Sacramento River Delta.
The ambitious, multi-billion-dollar tunnel project is moving forward, with plenty of controversy in the Sacramento River Delta.
The original twin tunnel plan proposed by former Gov. Jerry Brown has now been slimmed down to one tunnel under Gov. Gavin Newsom. However, the opposition appears to have grown bigger.
Work crews have been busy this week along Twin Cities Road near Courtland. They are conducting core sampling, the first step in drafting an Environmental Impact Report for a tunnel plan known as the Delta Conveyance Project.

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Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is looking for a new general manager as Jeff Kightlinger is retiring; click on the link to complete the survey as to what you believe the priorities for MWD should be going forward. Also be prepared to participate on-line December 8, 2020 in their on-line board meeting to add a public comment as to whether MWD should spend hundreds of millions of dollars to continue with Delta planning – during a pandemic and severe economic downturn for water ratepayers – of if they should begin seriously working on water sustainability plans to be prepared for a changing climate.  We will send talking points and directions out next weekend to give you time to prepare while putting up Christmas decorations.

Take the “Your Delta, Your Voice” Survey Today! – CA DWR
The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has launched an environmental justice community survey to gather input to inform Delta Conveyance Project planning. 
The survey, entitled, “Your Delta, Your Voice”, seeks direct input from communities that may be disproportionately affected by the proposed project. Specifically, DWR is seeking direct feedback from the people who live, work, recreate, raise families, run businesses, grow crops, worship, or advocate for equity in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
“Your Delta, Your Voice” has two primary goals. 
One is to accurately reflect how the members of a variety of Delta communities value the region’s cultural, recreational and natural resources, through a series of questions and a map that allows people to identify places that are special to them. 
The other is to seek input about ways the project may cause impacts to these resources or potentially bring benefits to Delta communities.
The survey should take under 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed by smart phone, tablet or computer in English, Spanish and Chinese.
Take the survey here.

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