ICYMI: Guest Commentary: The Delta Tunnel is not a Social Justice Project 

ICYMI: Guest Commentary: The Delta Tunnel is not a Social Justice Project Maven’s Notebook 6/26/20
In his CalMatters piece on June 20, 2020, Gary Kremen, vice-chair of the Delta Conveyance Finance Authority wraps Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed Delta tunnel project in a strategy of virtue signaling — talking the talk without walking the walk – and without knowing the Delta.
“You cannot know the extent of water in a pond you have never been to.”
– Swahili proverb (first of three)
We grew up at different times but attended the same high school, Ravenswood High in then-unincorporated East Palo Alto. We learned of and lived with the systemic injustices foisted on East Palo Alto by its wealthy, too often disdainful neighbor Palo Alto, and its occupying force,  the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department. We know when someone walks the talk of social, racial, and environmental justice. We know when someone does not.
“Habari gani” was the Swahili name of Ravenswood High School’s student-run newspaper in the 1960s and 1970s. It means “what’s happening”: The news, the facts, reality and real talk. So let’s have some.

Read the full commentary here.

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