UPDATED ACTION ALERT – Santa Clara Valley Water District

Dear Friends,

Tuesday, Valley Water indicated that their funding measure (discussed in yesterday’s alert) for the November ballot will not include funding for Delta tunnels planning.  That is good news.

We think, however, that you may want to share two observations with Valley Water’s Board of Directors.

Tell them that the language for the bond measure cannot be squishy so the funds can  be moved around at a later date for tunnel planning.  Make sure the tunnel is not included in this funding explicitly.

Also, ask the Board to explain how the funding measure then allows for money to be freed up through the general fund for tunnel expenditures.  Is this what Valley Water ratepayers want? Will Valley Water ratepayers support an expenditure if a tunnel and a lawsuit for more flows from the Delta is Valley Water District’s operational plan.  Let the Board know how you feel about those issues.

These are fair questions and comments for ratepayers to make and deserve answers from Valley Water District. 
Click here to send in your comment to the Board of Directors.

The agenda for the next Valley Water meeting is posted here.

The staff report is posted here.

Be well.  Be safe. Take care.

Yours in service,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla

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