In Case You Missed It: CalEPA Environmental Justice Enforcement Task Force’s Stockton Environmental Justice Initiative

One of the major projects we have worked on at Restore the Delta for over two years included bringing many local partners to the table with Cal EPA so they could develop the Stockton Environmental Justice Initiative.  We worked with Little Manila Rising, Fathers and Families of San Joaquin, the Pride Center for San Joaquin County, Faith In the Valley, Third City Coalition, Community Medical Centers, El Concilio, Catholic Charities, Delta-Sierra Chapter of the Sierra Club, Bye Bye Mattress, and others. 

This link is a wonderful story map put together by EPA that details the fruit of our collective efforts.  This effort has also expanded Restore the Delta’s mission to think about Delta environmental issues in terms of a healthy estuary and community, locally and regionally.

We are more proud of this work than anything else we have done because it is the basis for building better outcomes for Delta residents.  

Please look through the story map.  And please congratulate our partners and Cal EPA (along with us) as we celebrate our work.

Yours in service,

The Restore the Delta Team 

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