ICYMI 1/30/2020 – CA Water News

Dodd Knows, Newsom Does Not

California’s water department must face the reality of climate change and diverse needs – Sac Bee 1/28/2020

“DWR is the agency charged with sustainably managing the state’s water and enhancing the natural environment. It should heed these warnings. The department manages the State Water Project – the vast system of dams, aqueducts and pumps which diverts water from the Delta and delivers it to contract holders.

“DWR could play a lead role in helping the state become more resilient in the face of climate change by ensuring that the State Water Project is managed to reduce diversions from the Bay-Delta ecosystem and to promote water use efficiency, water reuse, and other measures that help water districts wean themselves off of unrealistic and unsustainable levels of water use.”
VIDEO: A Conversation with Governor Newsom – Public Policy Institute of California 1/29/20
California water at 49:50
“I don’t know what I don’t know.”
– Gavin Newsom

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