In Case You Missed It: Newsom can’t have it both ways on California water

Editorial: Newsom can’t have it both ways on California water – Los Angeles Times, 12/24/19

“But despite his Nov. 21 announcement, Newsom’s team still has not filed the water suit. That’s a bad sign, especially when paired with a proposal by the California Department of Water Resources to operate under new pumping rules that look remarkably like the Trump administration plan….

” In other words, the large water agencies that supply agriculture and urban areas want Trump’s water and environmental policies to be Newsom’s water and environmental policies. Newsom has to decide whether he’s working for Californians — all of us who have a stake in our water and seek enough to quench our own thirst while keeping our fragile natural environment intact — or strictly for the agriculture industry. Or for Trump.”

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Editorial: Newsom is being played by Big Ag on Delta water – The Mercury News 12/29/19

The governor’s apparent willingness to play into the hands of monied, agri-business players at the expense of the health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta remains the biggest mystery of his short tenure. It also threatens to trash his reputation as a strong protector of California’s environment.

The Delta supplies water for 25 million Californians, including about one-third of Bay Area residents. Scientists agree that allowing more, not less, water to flow through the Delta and west toward San Francisco Bay is essential for protecting fish life and providing a clean supply of drinking water for current and future generations. That means restricting pumping of water out the south end of the Delta into Central Valley farmland.


Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of Restore the Delta asks,
Is Governor Newsom with Tom Birmingham and Westlands Water District or the millions of people tied to a healthy San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary?

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