ICYMI 12/10/19 – Pumping Rules, Water Markets, Delta Fishery Management Hearing

First, two smart takes from Dr. Delta Water Economics, Jeff Michael of the University of the Pacific on Valley Economy Blog 12/9/19

Water Supply Reliability Out, Endangered Species Killing Incentives In With New Federal/State Delta Pumping Rules
“Water exporters are praising the new rules for their use of real-time operations, as opposed to the old rules that were “calendar based.”  It’s great PR messaging, but lousy policy.  The message appeals on the surface – new rules are modern and with high-tech real time adjustments, while the old-rules are primitive and based on calendars.  Good political messaging, but I would argue that it does not conform to the best available social science and policy design as it reduces water supply reliability and generates strong incentives to harm endangered species.”

Do jobs per drop calculations support more use of water markets?
“I once heard a very smart salmon fisherman say (sadly I forget their name) something like “we have to deal with transferable catch limits and quotas to avoid the tragedy of the commons in the oceans, why not an ITQ (individual transferable quota) for trees to avoid the tragedy of the commons in groundwater.”

And good luck to our Delta fishers community…

CA Fish and Game Commission will discuss Delta fishery management plan on December 11
The California Striped Bass Association (CSBA), the Nor-Cal Guides & Sportsmen’s Association (NCGASA), the NCGASA Delta Anglers Coalition and other groups are mobilizing people to attend the California Fish and Game Commission in Sacramento on Wednesday, December 11, at 9:30 a.m. to make sure that the Delta fishery management policies being proposed continue to protect striped bass, black bass and other gamefish.

The meeting will be held at the Resources Building on 1416 Ninth Street. 
Please attend with your photo I.D. in hand when you enter the building.

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