ICYMI – “On the Public Record” takes on Voluntary Settlement Agreements

If you follow California water politics, you eagerly await the latest blog posts from the mysterious blogger, On The Public Record. This anonymous expert obviously has decades in this field and has a perfect record for calling BS. Worth a bookmark in your browser.

Here are the latest OTPR posts that bring us up to date.

The opportunity costs of the VSAs.
OTPR – September 20, 2019
“The VSA’s could well cost him his first two years of water policy, for no gain. It is now looking very likely that we will see a Democratic president, who will surely return to Obama-era protections or more stringent. If the VSA’s aren’t do-able a year from now under a Democratic federal administration, Governor Newsom will have wasted two years on them. The decline of fish species during those two years is also worth a mention.”

Try a NEW futile water effort.
OTPR – September 20, 2019
“Some of us have been at this for decades and this re-run business is killing us. Newsom administration, if you are going to spend everything you’ve got on a futile effort, you should do one that we haven’t seen before.” 

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