Delta Water Alert! Algal blooms in Stockton, Discovery Bay, and Big Break

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board sent out the following alert on Twitter Friday evening.  Algal blooms are being observed in the Delta waterways of Stockton, Discovery Bay, and Big Break. These blooms are being monitored for cyanobacteria, of which there has been an increased presence found in water quality tests during the last two weeks at the above mentioned locations.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and theState Water Resources Control Boardwant to remind boaters and recreational users to be mindful of harmful algal blooms (HABs) when recreating in the Delta, and to report any sightings of cyanobacteria blooms using their online HAB reporting form or by calling the State Water Board’s HAB Hotline at 1-844-729-6466

To be clear,take precaution and don’t make contact with the water in or around the algal blooms at the above identified locations. And please report any sightings of HABs that you see in other locations within the Delta.

Reporting HABs helps protect our Delta communities because the data you collect prompts California Water Board scientists to monitor and test the identified HABs for bacteria. In turn, they can send out alerts like the one we are sharing with you presently. So please be an advocate and report HABs when you see them. 

To learn more about about HABs visit the State’s Harmful Algal Bloom Portal. There you can learn about cyanobacteria, it impacts on human health, domestic animals, and wildlife, and answers to frequently asked questions.  This Portal also includes fact sheets, a map of California on where blooms have been observed, and our new satellite tool for monitoring the development of HABs on specific waterbodies within the state.

Be smart and safe while having fun.


The Restore the Delta Team

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