ICYMI: Trump’s Pending Rules on California Water Marked by Missing Documents and Hurried Reviews, Say Scientists

Restore the Delta Comment: With or without a tunnel, the Delta will not survive excessive water exports.
“The agencies’ final rules, expected this week, will have far-reaching impacts on millions of Californians and the future of the Delta ecosystem. In some years, roughly half of all the water that flows into the Delta — a vast system of sloughs and marshes that extends from south of Sacramento to San Francisco Bay — already is pumped out, reducing water quality and imperiling wildlife.”

“Critics worry that if more water is taken, species will go extinct and San Francisco Bay’s water quality will decline. In the past, biological opinions have ended up at the center of lawsuits, which, experts say, may well be the outcome with the new ones coming from the Trump administration.”

You can read the article here.

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