Coalition Request for Single Tunnel Analysis

This week, a coalition of conservation, fishing, and water groups sent a letter to state officials requesting that any planning for a single tunnel Delta water project be accompanied by a robust website that shares all relevant information with the public as the Governor has vowed.

AquAlliance, California Water Impact Network, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, Center for Biological Diversity, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, Environmental Water Caucus, Friends of the River, Planning and Conservation League, Restore the Delta, and Sierra Club California all joined in this request.

We make the following “process request” to aid your efforts. Requiring the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to create a single Delta tunnel project web site and post all comments and correspondence (whether paper or electronic) received by DWR on the web site would increase overall understanding by Californians about the potential impacts and pros and cons of single tunnel project alternatives. The web site would contribute to the “extensive outreach to inform” required by paragraph 4 of Governor Newsom’s April 29, 2019, Executive Order N-10-19 on water.

Read the entire letter here.

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