BREAKING: Santa Clara Valley Water Districts Postpones Vote on Delta Tunnels

For immediate release: 5/2/17

Nora Kovaleski, 408-806-6470,
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta, 209-479-2053,

BREAKING: Santa Clara Valley Water Districts Postpones Vote on Delta Tunnels

Tonight, the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) delayed their board action on the controversial CA WaterFix project to accommodate board directors requests for more time to review the large volume of Delta Tunnels meeting materials presented by SCVWD staff this week. Board directors who requested more time included Chair Santos, Director LeZotte, Director Hsueh, and Director Varela.The board is scheduled to resume their discussion on May 8, despite Chair Santos’s request to delay the vote to July when SCVWD would receive confirmation of funding for Pacheco Dam.

The board requested that staff add a water affordability analysis to next week’s discussion, in addition to a comparison of local alternatives that would affect water rates.

Executive Director of Restore the Delta, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla said,
“There are so many better solutions for creating a sustainable water supply in California, and we hope that this delayed vote, the addition of a water affordability analysis, and a comparison of local self-sufficiency projects will allow Santa Clara Valley’s board of directors to realize that the Delta Tunnels is not the project that will bring our state water management into the 21st century.

“What we witnessed this evening at SCVWD was the Department of Water Resources exercising a bully strategy to strongarm SCVWD into participating in the Delta Tunnels. We hope that with more review the board will be empowered to stand up against MWD and make the right decision for all of California.

“Regardless of the SCVWD’s decision next week, this fight is far from over. We will pack up our picket signs and head home when Governor Brown, or the future Governor of California puts a stop to MWD’s relentless process to see this project through at any cost.”


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