One Major Way to Stop the Tunnels in 2018

Dear Friends of Restore the Delta:
We are very grateful for your support that comes to us in many ways throughout the year — from attending events and key government meetings, to writing comments, to making contributions.  You are the glue that holds our efforts together.
This is why in 2018, we are asking you all to make a concentrated effort to let your local elected officials (at the city, county, state, and federal levels), and candidates running for statewide offices why you oppose the Delta tunnels.  It doesn't matter which candidates you support.  What matters is that they understand that the Delta tunnels are an environmental and economic boondoggle and that there are many better solutions for water management in California. Candidates at all levels need to understand that the Delta tunnels need to end with Governor Brown's term, that the  people of California do not want the project, and the majority of water districts won't commit to paying for the project.  (Visit our website for lots of examples on sustainable water management in California.) Make a point of attending candidate events, fundraisers, rallies, and debates. And let candidates know that waffling doesn't work, that you need straight answers about their views of the Delta tunnels.
If your assembly members or state senators tell you that they have no vote or say over the project, or they have done all they can, remind them that they can provide oversight over the agencies moving the project forward to make sure that they all are following state laws, codes, budgets, contracting rules, and bonding requirements. Oversight is the job of the California legislature. They can weigh in like federal representatives have by insisting that Central Valley Project Contractors should pay back the Federal Bureau of Reclamation the roughly $84 million of taxpayer money misspent on project planning. They can question why the Department of Water Resources is renewing contracts presently for contractors who, in a recent Delta Caucus hearing, were deemed by representatives from the State Auditor's office as not qualified for running the Delta tunnels project planning process. The Delta Caucus hearing in Walnut Grove was a great follow-up step to the strong, productive, and effective legislative efforts of Assemblymember Susan Eggman that led to the audit of the tunnels.
Yet, there is plenty that can still be done at the state level.
Legislators, county supervisors, and federal representatives from throughout the state must have the courage to seek the truth about the backroom deals to advance this woefully underfunded plan, and to consistently let Governor Brown know he is wrong about the Delta tunnels.  You, the voters, can help your elected officials find that courage. That's how you, our members, can helps us beat the special interests at Metropolitan Water District, who hold our state agencies captive. Insist on strong legislative oversight.
We also are looking forward in 2018 to having you celebrate with us the real assets of the Delta —  its beauty, culture, history, and events.  We all have been so busy fighting for so many years that it's easy to forget to enjoy the place we call home.  We want to make sure that you, our members, join us in more of these opportunities in 2018. We will keep you posted on these programs as we begin to roll them out.
We wish you and your families joyous holidays. We wish you peace, good health, love, adventure and security in 2018.
With warmest wishes,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
Executive Director
Restore the Delta
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