Take Action: Westlands is Still Trying to Farm American Taxpayers!

Friends of the Bay-Delta,

We just received confirmation that Rep. McCarthy's attempt to add H.R. 1769, the Valadao drainage bill to approve the Westlands settlement, to the NDAA Conference, was rejected by the Conference Committee. The Rider will not be included in the final bill thanks to advocates like you who called and wrote to your Senators. 

“We are still going to look for every possible vehicle to get this done,” Westlands Deputy General Manager Johnny Amaral said in an interview. “This is a large problem. It’s coming to a head, and if it doesn’t get resolved by Jan. 15, there will be consequences.”

Valadao echoed those remarks.

“Congressman Valadao has always, and will continue to, pursue every available legislative option to increase water deliveries to the Central Valley,” Valadao’s spokeswoman, Anna Vetter, said late last week.

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However, Westlands publicly announced a few days ago that they intend to keep adding the rider to every must pass vehicle in the weeks ahead until they have successfully passed the bill. (Click here for background information and/or read our letter to Senator McCain on the drainage settlement.)
We need you to call your Senators and House Representatives and notify them of this problematic process. Let them that know that by trying to cram through the drainage settlement into any and every bill in Congress, Westlands Water District is misusing Congress and the legislative process for their own gain. In addition, remind them that approving the Westlands settlement deal is essentially a bailout of the largest irrigators in California at taxpayer expense.
Get the contact information for your House Rep. 
* Senator Dianne Feinstein –
(202) 224-3841, (310) 914-7300, (415) 393-0707, (559) 485-7430
Tweet to Senator Feinstein.
* U.S. Senator Kamala Harris – (202) 224-3553, (213) 894-5000, (415) 355-9041, (559) 497-5109
Tweet to Senator Harris.
Thank you for your action! 

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