MWD Is Still Inflicting Its Will on California with the Delta Tunnels

After 10 years, California ‘WaterFix’ proponents still do not have a project or the money to pay for it. Proponents do not even have half the contributions for WaterFix bond sales lined up to move forward, with total State Water Project funding for the project (with other small contributing agencies on board) shy of 40 percent. On top of that, the project is only at 10% of design stage. But MWD is continuing to push their Orwellian interpretation of facts…
MWD’s General Manager, Jeff Kightlinger, wrote in an email to his board of directors:

Date: October 18, 2017
To: Board of Directors, Member Agency Managers
From: Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager
Subject: Santa Clara Valley Action on California WaterFix
Yesterday, the Santa Clara Valley Water District voted 7-0 to participate in the California WaterFix project. Because there has been some misinformation about the vote in the news media, I believe it would be helpful for you to see the final vote and guiding principles approved by that board. Governor Brown’s statement following this action is here.
With this action, 12 State Water Project Contractors have voted to support their agency’s share of California Water Fix. They are: Zone 7 Water Agency, Mojave Water Agency, San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, Desert Water Agency, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency, Coachella Valley Water District, Metropolitan Water District, Castaic Lake Water Agency, Alameda County Water District, Santa Clara Valley Water District, and Kern County Water Agency voted to support about half of its share for the time being.
Many other State Water Project Contractors are not taking explicit action to their boards, but anticipate supporting their cost responsibility under existing SWP contracts. A number of Contractors are expecting to manage a portion of their costs for the project through water transfers, leases and exchanges. We will be discussing these options at upcoming Bay-Delta Committee meetings.

Jeff Kightlinger presented an Orwellian interpretation of Santa Clara Valley Water District’s vote to his board of directors. MWD’s Board need to look at truth through the work of independent scientists and economists.
MWD also reached out to the tunnel industry with an enthusiastic press release on their own approval of the project, click here to read it.
There is no permit from the State Water Resources Control Board for the California ‘WaterFix’ project.
There is no EIR for a new project.
The public doesn’t want it.
MWD is still continuing to inflict its will on California.

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