Tunnel Supporters Push to Raise Water Bills Based on Nostalgia, Not Facts

The big Metropolitan Water District of Southern California vote is tomorrow. Here are some great reads and responses to recent actions by Southern California water and business interests to push the Delta Tunnels forward. 

Dr. Jeffrey Michael responded to the L.A. Times Editorial Board's push for the Delta Tunnels at the Valley Economy blog, "In the nation's poorest big city, tunnel supporters push to raise water bills based on nostalgia instead of facts." 

San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board disagreed with the L.A. Times Editorial Board and published, "Why Gov. Brown’s water tunnels plan may be doomed."  The San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board did the same, read their editorial, "California audit shows twin-tunnel WaterFix is broken beyond repair."

The Delta Tunnels project is buzzing in Southern California right now, worth a read:

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy! Stay tuned for more big news tomorrow!

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