Victory! Westlands Votes No on Delta Tunnels Plan Participation

For Immediate Release, September 19, 2017 
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta, (209) 479-2053,


Press statement
Restore the Delta’s Response to Westlands Water District’s Vote on California WaterFix

FRESNO, Calif.— Restore the Delta issued an official statement on Westlands Water District’s vote on the California WaterFix. 
Executive Director of Restore the Delta, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla said:
“Today is a very good day for California. By rejecting California WaterFix, the Westlands Water District has dealt a blow to the project. There are many better solutions for creating a sustainable water supply in California. Metropolitan Water District’s math is based on a sizable contribution from Westlands, so is Santa Clara Valley Water District’s. They now have to come up with a lot more money for the Delta Tunnels. It won’t pencil out for them either.”


Other noteworthy victories of meetings that happened today, see all our live tweets with hashtags for each meeting here:

* Los Angeles City Council environmental committee decided on a "no vote" for the Delta Tunnels project — until the project is fully financed and Metropolitan Water District meets all their considerations. Yesterday, over 40 ratepayers caught media attention in their "No Tunnels, No Water Rate Hike" rally in front of Los Angeles City Hall, watch the coverage in the LA Daily News and NBC Los Angeles, also in Spanish speaking media Telemundo.
* Santa Clara Valley Water District voted to pass a "no regrets package" planning $100 million for 9 different projects like stormwater capture, leak repair and gray water (these are all better solutions to the Delta Tunnels). Make sure you show up for their public meeting on September 26th to tell them to vote no on the Delta Tunnels.

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