ACTION ALERT: How you can help in 10 seconds!

We are working on a project to share all your voices and faces to water districts deciding on the Delta Tunnels project throughout the State!
Please share in a 10 second video with us:
– Your Name
– Who You Are (Are you a fisherman? Student? Etc)
– Your Location
– Why You Oppose the Delta Tunnels
Feel free to be creative and record your video by cell phone or camera — as long as video and audio quality is presentable. If your video goes a few seconds over 10 seconds, no worries!
E-mail your 10-second videos to
Thank you for your support!
Helpful resources:
How to record video with your iPhone or iPad
5+ Simple Ways to Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone
How to Shoot Videos on your Android: Tips, Video Editing Apps and Publishing Platforms

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