NEWS: Delta Tunnels lawsuits filed & more!

We are pursuing the Delta Stewardship Council lawsuit, and we will be involved in other litigation, as there will be many, many lawsuits.
We are grateful to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), Golden Gate Salmon Association, Defenders of Wildlife & The Bay Institute for their leadership with this lawsuit. It's a team effort, and these are some of our best partners. With gratitude.
Environmentalists, fishing groups file lawsuits to block Delta tunnels plan
San Jose Mercury News, 6/29/2017
(Also reported in Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee, Stockton Record, Oroville Mercury Register)

In case you missed it, more great stories on the Delta Tunnels:  
Editorial: Stop the $17 billion Delta twin-tunnel water grab 
San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board, 6/30/2017
Excerpt: "Two federal agencies’ decision Monday to green-light construction of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Delta twin-tunnels plan is an unwelcome setback for opponents of the project. But it’s not the huge milestone that proponents are claiming."

Is Brown’s Massive Water Project the Right Idea Right Now?
California Magazine via Cal Alumni Association, 6/29/2017
“The tunnels are a mid-20th century response to a 21st century problem, a $20 billion and 20-to-30 year distraction from the real solutions we need to pursue.” – Peter Gleick, the president emeritus of the Pacific Institute, a MacArthur Foundation fellow and UC Berkeley alum

How climate change could threaten the water supply for millions of Californians

Sacramento Bee, 6/30/2017
Excerpt: "They don’t dispute that rising seas will bring more salt to the Delta. But they say the tunnels would actually worsen the problem and make Delta water dangerously salty for farming and drinking water needs. By pulling some of the fresh water out of the Sacramento at the upstream location, opponents fear it will increase the salt concentration in the remaining water flowing through the Delta. In that respect, they’re insulted that the threat from global warming is being used to justify the project."


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