On the Web: Watch “Water & Power: A California Heist!” by National Geographic

Dear Friends of the Bay-Delta,
Teen Vogue is hosting a free one-day online screening of National Geographic’s documentary “Water & Power: A California Heist.” This is a must see for all of us who are concerned about our water. 
Read the interview by Teen Vogue of Director Marina Zenovich, “How a Bunch of Billionaires Contaminated Our Right to Clean Drinking Water.” Watch the documentary online via YouTube.  
Restore the Delta is one of the few groups actively recruiting and training young people to be protectors of our water resources. We are hopeful that this will inspire more young women and men who might not be aware of the intricate injustices of CA water history and its politics to become environmental lawyers, activists, and investigative journalists. To continue to support our work, make a donation here.

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