Governor Brown, Donald Trump & Delta Tunnels

For Immediate Release: Monday, 11/14/16
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, 209-479-2053,

Governor Brown and President-Elect Trump
Don’t undermine environmental laws to push Delta Tunnels

Stockton, CA – On November 10, Governor Jerry Brown offered his commitment to find “common ground wherever possible” with the incoming Trump Administration, but to oppose the new administration regarding climate change policies.
Today, Restore the Delta called on Governor Brown to advocate for the full protection of San Francisco Bay-Delta fisheries and river flows for the estuary, as he establishes his working relationship with President-elect Trump’s transition team and administration.
Restore the Delta’s executive director Barbara Barrrigan-Parrilla said:
“It is striking to us that Governor Brown did not mention protecting the Clean Water Act for drinking water supplies, or the Endangered Species Act in regard to fishery protections, in his statement about the incoming Trump Administration. While we oppose Governor Brown’s Delta Tunnels project, we know that all Californians, expect him, like every governor before him has done, to fight to enforce the federal Clean Water and the Endangered Species Acts to protect the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary.
“Governor Brown must protect the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary in his dealings with the Trump Administration. If he does not, in order to push the Delta Tunnels project through the Federal approval process or to increase freshwater pumping from the endangered estuary, his legacy with Californians will be tarnished permanently. We call on him not to tie his Delta, environmental, and statewide water protection legacy to a weakening of these crucial and essential laws. We call on him to demonstrate to the new incoming Federal administration that saving the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary is as important to him as he has claimed it is while promoting the Delta Tunnels.”

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