Follow us on Tumblr: How Pokemon Go is helping teens connect to the Delta

Our Tumblr intern with his first blog entry on how Pokemon Go is connecting teens to the Delta in Stockton.
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I never expected to be in the heart of downtown Stockton in the middle of the night.
tumblrpostIt’s not the kind of thing people usually set out to do, but there were maybe ten lures out, and I had Pokemon to catch (go team Valor!). My brother, our friends, and I headed out to Weber Point to join the hundred or so people out there for the same reason.
While catching a Psyduck next to the water, I saw bright lights and heard the tail end of a baseball game going on at the Ports stadium across the water. Though I was playing a game on my phone, I was still able to appreciate my beautiful surroundings; the light reflecting off of the water, the community around me, people yelling that there’s an Aerodactly down the street, and the cool Delta breeze, which was definitely welcome after weeks of Stockton summer.
I can’t imagine this place any differently, and if the tunnels are stopped, I won’t have to. But the unfortunate reality is that this place is in danger, which is why the CA Water Fix plan needs to be stopped (check out our infographics outlining some of the problems with this plan). The waterfront is important for events like the Asparagus Festival, or PE for schools in downtown Stockton, and the waterfront simply won’t be the same without any water. This is a place that can bring people together and fosters a sense of community among residents of Stockton. We want it to remain as beautiful as it is now.
I’ll leave you with a great point my brother made; if there is no delta, there won’t be any water type Pokemon to catch.
Restore the Delta. Stop the tunnels.
-RTD intern

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