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Weekly Summary: July 17, 2016

Westlands Water District Credit Rating Upgraded to "Negative" The Negative rating stems from the fact that Westlands/San Luis Delta-Mendota Water Authority will acquire hundreds of millions of dollars of new debt if their settlement with the Federal government is authorized by Congress. This new debt is the result of now being responsible for cleaning up polluted lands, previously, the government's responsibility. How will these districts afford to clean up their polluted lands AND pay for their share of the Delta Tunnels? Read article

From the Golden Gate to the Tower Bridge: One night, two events, two different views of the problem Last Wednesday night, folks interested in California water had two big public events to choose from. One was a slick and very political sales pitch; the other was a thoughtful discussion of science. Read our blog post

Former Interior head enlisted for California giant tunnels California Gov. Jerry Brown has enlisted a Washington senior statesman to help his massive, $15.7 billion water tunnel proposal clear regulatory and financial hurdles, officials said Thursday. Read article

Stopping the Tunnels Outside the Delta Restore the Delta is the only in-Delta organization with members in outside water districts that are voting as to whether or not to support and fund the Delta tunnels. We are working with our members outside the Delta to show them how to tell tunnel proponents no to supporting the project in person and in writing. Help us continue the fight for the next 12-24 months. Donate

Advocates Denounce Biased Delta Tunnels Event at Sacramento Bee  Excerpt: "“A debate with the head of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California would be of enormous public benefit,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla executive director of Restore the Delta. “We offered an expert for such an event. Unfortunately, tonight Sacramento Bee editorial page editor Dan Morian will instead host a sales pitch for the Delta Tunnels.” Read media advisory.  

Guest view: United defense key to Delta's future  Excerpt: "I am fortunate to represent the Delta, a unique and vital estuary and the heart of the state’s water system. This is why I am also concerned that the Delta delegation appears to be fractured. We have to be unified in fighting water policies that would damage the health of the Delta and the families, farmers, and economies it supports. The insertion of “operations” language designed to force an increase in Delta pumping, in any bill, including H.R. 5247, by my colleague Rep. John Garamendi, threatens to damage the Delta, harm commercial and recreational fishing, and hurt our region." Read article.

McClatchyDC: California water-bill fight is percolating again on Capitol Hill  Excerpt: “It shouldn’t be in the bill in the first place,” McNerney said Friday of the California water provisions, calling them a “poisonous rider” that is “going to ship water to interests south of the Delta.” Read article

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