Stopping the Tunnels Outside the Delta

Dear friends, 

Restore the Delta is the only in-Delta organization with members in outside water districts that are voting as to whether or not to support and fund the Delta tunnels. We are working with our members outside the Delta to show them how to tell tunnel proponents no to supporting the project in person and in writing.

Some coverage of our work on outside water districts include our recent findings at our blog on water districts currently funding the Delta Tunnels — on Zone 7 Water Agency (The Independent reported today, "Group Says Zone 7 Uses Property Tax to Finance Delta Fix Planning"), Santa Clara Valley Water District, and our media release asking tough questions at Sacramento Bee's biased event yesterday with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. 

It is not Restore the Delta's intention to grow the organization permanently in a manner in which we are always looking for extra funding from our supporters.  However, we need additional funding and consistent contributions over the next two years so that staff can stay focused fully on the battle at hand. We need to keep construction from happening.If every one of our members donated $25.00, we would be financially sound until his term finishes.
We appreciate your past help and generosity.  Whatever you can give during this period of ramping up for the fight, we appreciate greatly.

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Thank you for your support!
Yours in service,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director

NOTE: If you have received our letter and have already made a donation, please feel free to disregard this email.  Thank you once again for your continued support. 

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