Action Alert: Make Comments at the SCVWD CA WaterFix Workshop NEXT TUESDAY!

Dear friends,
Please JOIN US next Tuesday to urge the Santa Clara Valley Water District to end their support for the Delta Tunnels! If you can attend, we ask that you plan to make a 2 minute public comment voicing your thoughts on the Delta Tunnels project and to send in your RSVP in to ASAP!
If you can’t make the workshop, make sure to send your written comments on the Delta Tunnels to:, title the e-mail “Comments for CA WaterFix Workshop 6/21.” In your written comment, please INCLUDE a note requesting that your comments are read out loud at the workshop.
Event: Santa Clara Valley Water District CA WaterFix/Delta Tunnels Workshop
Time: 9:00 am on June 21, 2016, Next Tuesday

Location: SCVWD Headquarters, 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose

You can use these points to help you get started.

As a Santa Clara Valley Water ratepayer, we urge you to speak on these items at the opening public comment session:
1) You do not want to pay for a project that will cost $1 billion before cost over runs and that will not provide the District with additional water supply. Staff estimates of increased water supply are not accurate. They need to consult the CA WaterFix website and look at climate change modeling done by environmental NGOs.
2) You do not support a project that will result in worsened water quality for the South Bay. Water quality in the South Bay is directly dependent on flushing action from fresh water from the Delta.
3) You do not support a project that will divert even more water from a healthy San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary to big, industrial agriculture known for record use of pesticides and chemicals that get into our food supply.
4) You do not support Santa Clara Valley Water District partnering with San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority to weaken Bay-Delta water quality standards through litigation or public media campaigns.
5) You support use of ratepayer money toward conservation, storm water capture, ground water capture and clean up, recycling.
6) You do not support the use of Ad Valorem property taxes to pay for Delta tunnels planning, construction or operation, or for supporting anti-Delta programs in partnership with San Luis Delta-Mendota Water Authority.

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