HAS SILENT SPRING GROWN INTO A SILENT DELTA? Recognize Earth Day by Attending the Bay Area Rights of Nature Tribunal

MEDIA ADVISORY for April 30, 2016
Brian P. Smith, Restore the Delta
(415) 320-9384, brian@bpspr.com
Linda Sheehan, Earth Law Center
(510) 219-7730, lsheehan@earthlaw.org
Shannon Biggs, Movement Rights
(415) 841-2998, shannon@movementrights.org
WHO: Bay Area Rights of Nature Alliance, Restore the Delta, Move to Amend
WHAT: Bay Area Rights of Nature Tribunal – San Francisco Bay-Delta
WHEN: Saturday, April 30, 2016 (9:30 AM – 2 PM, with discussion until 3:30 PM)
WHERE: Nick Rodriguez Community Center, 213 F Street, Antioch, CA

“What would the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem say?” is the question a panel of judges will consider at the Bay Area Rights of Nature Tribunal on April 30th.
The San Francisco Bay-Delta lies polluted and suffering in a state of perpetual, human-made drought. We have eliminated an estimated 95 percent of the historic Delta habitat, and we divert 2.1 million to 6.9 million acre-feet of water from the Delta every year. Numerous Delta species face extinction, including the Delta Smelt and Winter-run Chinook Salmon, as well as marine species that depend on Delta fish for food, such as the Southern Resident Killer Whale.
Dozens of U.S. and international laws have begun recognizing rights and legal standing for ecosystems and species as a new framework for environmental protection, including for the beleaguered Delta.
Modeled on the International Rights of Nature Tribunal held in Paris during December’s climate talks, the Tribunal will address alleged violations of nature’s rights and human rights posed by Governor Brown’s actions affecting the Delta. This includes the proposed Delta Tunnels, which would significantly reduce flows for waterways and fish. Witnesses and experts will suggest proposals to protect, not injure, nature’s rights.
Tribunal judges include: renowned eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, governmental liaison for the Winnemem Wintu tribe Gary Mulcahy, Movement Rights director Shannon Biggs, and Delta water expert Tim Stroshane.
Judges will consider how our abuse of the Delta will silence it, just as Rachel Carson foretold of a “Silent Spring,” leading to the first Earth Day. The judges will consider water diversions from the Delta not just under existing environmental law, but from the perspective of the inherent rights of ecosystems and species.
Celebrate Earth Day at the Bay Area Rights of Nature Tribunal, which will: explore ways to confront a system of law that harms people and nature, identify new strategies to protect nature’s and human rights, and begin the process of healing the Delta.
This event is free and open to the public, but will require an RSVP. Mark your calendars and join the growing movement for nature’s rights. For details see: https://www.facebook.com/bayarearightsofnaturealliance/ and sign up at: http://therightsofnature.org/what-would-the-delta-say/.

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