Delta Tunnels: Speak Up at Upcoming Meetings!

Dear friends, 

We will be at two upcoming meetings this week regarding the Delta Tunnels. If you can make it, please join us in Contra Costa County and/or Santa Clara Valley to voice your opposition to the tunnels.  Also, don't miss a great article in the LA Times below! 

What: CCWD Public Board Meeting
When: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 6:30 to 9:00 pm. (Come at 6:00 pm if you would like to organize with us prior to the meeting)
Where: CCWD1331 Concord Ave., Concord

The Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) Board of Directors will be reviewing the settlement agreement that they recently signed with the Delta Tunnels plan effort tomorrow evening. The settlement drops CCWD’s protest against the tunnels plan in exchange for a separate pipeline to deliver drinking water to its customers. We are urging all our area members to attend the meeting.
This may be your only opportunity to register a public comment on how you feel about CCWD's self-interested approach to secure a water supply at the expense of the community it serves.    

The Contra Costa Water District, is choosing to exchange its present contract for Delta water deliveries for an intake above the Delta that will remove even more fresh water from the estuary. This not only puts all other Delta communities at risk for even worse water quality, but also leaves their own customers within their own district with degraded Delta water for other uses. Additionally, their decision leaves the San Francisco Bay Estuary with degraded water quality which will negatively impact that magnificent ecosystem. Read full action alert here. 

What: Joint board meeting & workshop between San Luis Delta-Mendota Water Authority and Santa Clara Valley Water District
When: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 10:00 am, Board meeting begins at 10:00 am and joint workshop begins 11:30 am (We highly recommend you come at 10:00 am)  
Where: Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Boardroom, 5700 Almaden Express Way, San Jose 

As stated by Wes Rolley, "To my mind, this looks like a way to pull our Water District [Santa Clara Valley Water District] deeper into the machinations of the San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority's financial problems, caused by the recent down grading of their credit worthiness and the fine levied on their  principal customer, Westlands Irrigation District, by the SEC.  It should be protested in the most firm manner possible."

San Luis and Westlands are the Central Valley Project contractors who claim to be contributing 40% to the costs of building the Delta tunnels project. Restore the Delta has serious concerns that they cannot afford their share of their project.  

Thank you for your ongoing support and advocacy! 

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