Now that Brown’s faux tunnels hearings are over, what’s next?

Dear friends, 

The last two public hearings on the Delta tunnels have just ended this week. At these faux public hearings, we rallied over 300 people from all over Northern California, despite this "hearing" being scheduled on a work day. We got each person to record a video comment with us and our plan is to share the finished video with President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. 

Now we will begin on getting as much people as we can to submit public comments on the Delta tunnels project by October 30, 2015. We have until the end of the year to make sure the Federal Government does not attempt to permit Gov. Brown’s plan early ’16. Public and media outreach cost money. Will you help us get through this year in flying colors and stop the tunnels once and for all?

Below is just a few examples of our most recent work. If you already contributed recently, thank you for your support!!

Help us achieve more by giving us an extra financial boost mid-year. We need an extra boost to handle outreach on public comments, social media, news media, and to maintain current litigation. Can you go to this button below and commit to a monthly donation? If not, can you make a one-time donation here?

Again, if all our supporters committed to $10 a month (two Starbucks drinks!), we would have the resources needed to topple the Big Special Interests.

Thank you for your ongoing attention and dedication to stop the tunnels & save the Delta!!!

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