A tragedy that’s happening right in our backyard…

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In case you missed it…
June 20, 2015
Sacramento Bee: It’s time to protect the Delta
By Jon Rosenfield and Gary Bobker, The Bay Institute

“California is at high risk of permanently losing key species and habitats in the West Coast’s largest estuary, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Bay.…– a tragedy that’s happening not just in coral reefs and rainforests but right in our backyard.”
“Six of the estuary’s unique populations of fish are listed as endangered and others are declining rapidly.”
“When species that were once the estuary’s most abundant are on the verge of disappearing, everything that depends on them suffers, too – from commercial fishing communities along the California and Oregon coasts; to the tourism, recreation and seafood businesses of Northern California; to Orca whales in the Gulf of the Farallones.”

“…we can still undo some previous damage to the Delta by restoring more natural patterns of freshwater flow and physical habitats. But we cannot replace unique species once they are lost – some collapses are irreversible.”
“Sacrificing one of the world’s great ecosystems, along with its valuable fisheries, is unreasonable, unnecessary and demonstrates a real “collapse” of our imagination and values.
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