WILL YOU HELP DEFEND OUR NO TUNNELS CAMPAIGN? Restore the Delta is under attack by Gov. Brown’s pro-tunnels allies

(Photos below)

About two months ago, a new group formed called Californians for Water Security. They are pro-tunnels, but hide that in a “fix our aging water system” wrapper. The group is run out of a Sacramento lobbying and campaign group.

They are well funded, hired several PR professionals and recently started attacking Restore the Delta through a shadow site called Restore the Truth. They have posted one blog on a site owned by one of the PR professionals.

They have called Restore the Delta an “AstroTurf” group, meaning a fake grassroots group. They say we support the “unsustainable status quo” in the Delta.

We are asking that you show you are real and support Restore the Delta and oppose the tunnels.

Please make a clearly letters sign that says, “I am Restore the Delta” and take a photo with it at a location that makes a point. You can add details in the photo representing who you are. For example, if you are a student, if you are farmer, etc.

If you have twitter or Facebook please send the following message with your photo: “I am @RestoretheDelta! #NoTunnels #IamRestoretheDelta @SecureWaterCA says we’re not real #cawater”

Include the phrase #notunnels beneath the photo or message.

Send the photo to Restore the Delta at Stina@RestoretheDelta.org, post it on your twitter and our Facebook post here, if you have them, and share with your network. Scroll down to see all photos sent in so far!

Please take the photo right now.

The tunnels supporters have attacked Restore the Delta as a tool of the Spanos Company, and “billionaire developers.”

Of course, we represent the broad spectrum of those who oppose the governor’s tunnels project, which is almost everyone living and working in the Delta, and those who understand that the tunnels are the wrong solution.

The tunnels supporters have not disclosed their funding, but Restore the Delta has. So we challenge them to disclose who’s paying for their attack campaign.

Feel free to go on their twitter feed @SecurewaterCA and respond to their false attacks. Make sure to ask if they support or oppose the tunnels!

Click on photo to get full photo or go to our album on Facebook to see all photos! Thank you!
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