In case you missed it: OC Reg op-ed “Brown’s tunnel vision could sink taxpayers”

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January 29, 2015
In case you missed it…

Brown’s tunnel vision could sink taxpayers
Opinion – Orange County Register
By Lloyd Billingsley

“In his fourth and final term, Gov. Jerry Brown intends to start drilling two
massive tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Estimated cost: $25 billion.

“Californians might consider the pitfalls of a smaller tunnel project in Seattle,

“Each tunnel would be 40 feet high, 35 miles long, and, together, they would cost nearly $25 billion, part of the governor’s plan for the state’s water system. If subject to the same sort of cost overruns as Boston’s Big Dig, far from a remote possibility, they could saddle taxpayers with $250 billion.

“Gov. Brown appears undisturbed by the financial, environmental and safety
concerns of the tunnels. His brand of tunnel vision can’t reverse itself. It prefers to focus on the joys of spending and a glowing legacy down the road. The governor will be long out of office but California taxpayers, and their children, will be stuck with the costs.

“Lloyd Billingsley is a policy fellow with the Independent Institute, based in Oakland.”

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