In case you missed it: Op-ed on California water bond

To learn more about the California water bond, check out a special op-ed published to the The Desert Sun here.

“Our leaders should be focused on making California’s water use more efficient, preventing the ongoing depletion of groundwater, and helping cities fix their aging and leaking water and sewer systems. Federal and state agencies estimate that California needs to spend over $80 billion to replace its aging water and sewer systems. These are the real problems that affect California today, and they particularly concern those in low-income, urban communities. But, Proposition 1’s authors have provided no funding to address this clear and pressing need. Moreover, Proposition 1 provides woefully inadequate funding for water recycling, groundwater cleanup, and local projects that create the real benefit for our communities, unlike the dams that this measure shamefully guarantees.”

Read article here.

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