Media alert: My 417-mile trip down the ‘endangered river’ by John D. Sutter, CNN

In case you missed it: “My 417-mile trip down the ‘endangered river’ by John D. Cutter is an exquisitely written article (with accompanying photos and videos) on the harm inflicted on the San Joaquin River and the South Delta. The BDCP tunnels project and related water bond projects will do the same harm to the Sacramento River.

My 417-mile trip down the ‘endangered river’ by John D. Sutter, CNN

On and sometimes in the San Joaquin River (CNN) — Halfway through my three-week, 417-mile journey down the “most endangered” river in America, the water began flowing backward and the mud started talking.

It spoke in baritone gurgles, like Barry White trapped in a bong.

You know what this is, John?

No, Barry White mud.



Despite my overactive imagination, this ridiculous situation was real: The quicksand — I didn’t actually believe in quicksand until that afternoon — bubbled and spat as it slurped me down and held on tight.

It had me at the knees.

As anyone who’s seen “Indiana Jones” or “Princess Bride” can attest, you need a sidekick to get unstuck from quicksand. No sidekick here. I was alone on the San Joaquin River in California’s remote Central Valley — the forgotten part of the Golden State, where no one thinks of taking a vacation. (Continue reading..)

Also another recommended read by John D. Sutter (CNN):
7 ways to save the San Joaquin — America’s ‘most endangered’ river
6. Donate to river-friendly organizations

Money doesn’t fix everything, but it doesn’t hurt. Here’s a list of organizations working to restore the San Joaquin River and to promote water conservation in California. ……….
• Restore the Delta – “Working every day through public education and citizen activism to ensure the restoration and future sustainability of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.”

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