Call your legislators today; tell them NO to the Governor’s Water Bond!

Dear Supporters:

Please call your state legislators today and tell them NOT to support Governor Brown’s proposed water bond. Governor Brown is reportedly trying to sell his water bond to our State Assembly and Senate with the words, “Just Trust Me.” He is putting window dressing on the bond to persuade our state legislators to accept a pro-tunnels water bond.

While the Governor is pressuring legislators by telling them it is “tunnels neutral,” Freedom of Information Act requests for BDCP documents show that bond money for flows is really money for a water account to make the BDCP tunnels full for water exporters like Westlands and Kern County Water Agency. Tell them the Governor’s water bond is not neutral, but for the tunnels, and it must be stopped.

This is important! Please call now! If you absolutely cannot, make sure to call Monday. Find your State legislators and their contact information here:

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla

Click here for today’s press release about Governor Brown’s water bond, with a recently retrieved document showing that the water exporters are counting on money from a state water bond to help finance the project and mitigate its damage to fisheries, river flows and the Delta.—

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