SF Gate Editorial: Sen Feinstein’s wrong response to the drought

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SF Gate
May 20, 2014
Editorial: Sen. Feinstein’s wrong response to the drought

“… it is distressing to see Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., determined to toss out water management policies and protections, worked out over 20 years to balance the water needs of California cities, farms and the environment, in order to serve some interests at the expense of others. …

“… What S2198 would do, however, is override Endangered Species Act protections by taking more water from the delta at the time when the baby salmon are moving through. …

“… Feinstein needs to revise S2198 to encourage more efficient water use, including technologies that have added 2 million acre-feet of new water a year for the last decade, rather than promoting legal strategies to take water in times of scarcity from one interest for another.”

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