Action Alert: Attend Congressional Field Hearing in Fresno

Attend the Congressional Field Hearing in Fresno this Wednesday, March 19, 2014 and make your voice heard!

The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a field hearing in Fresno, California on Wednesday, March 19th entitled “California Water Crisis and Its Impacts: The Need for Immediate and Long-Term Solutions.”

The San Joaquin Valley is once again suffering from drought conditions exacerbated by unworkable federal regulations that put the needs of a 3-inch fish over people. The House of Representatives passed a bill (H.R. 3964) to help resolve this situation. That bill, along with another bill (S. 2016), is now pending in the U.S. Senate. Although Senate action hasn’t been announced on either bill, a number of House Members recently stated that they stand ready to negotiate with the Senate to bring relief to the San Joaquin Valley.

In the interim, this field hearing is designed to focus on the need to resolve differences in order to bring immediate and long-term water supplies to the San Joaquin Valley and other parts of California. This field hearing is also based on the request of Congressman David Valadao (CA-21) and other requests. (Click here for direct link about hearing)

It is time for all hands on deck. It’s time to fight back with great energy!

WHAT: Full Committee oversight field hearing on:
“California Water Crisis and Its Impacts: The Need for Immediate and Long-Term Solutions”

WHEN: Wednesday, March 19, 2014
10:00 AM PDT

WHERE: Fresno City Council Chambers
2600 Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93721

MEET US in front of Fresno City Hall at 9:30 a.m. and bring your handmade signs. Any questions about this event? E-mail or call (209) 475-9550.

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